• Cover to Cover

    The Galipaygos album ‘‘Cover to Cover’‘ featuring 14 brand new tracks will be released in August 2015 – watch this space for further details.

  • Cover to Cover

    May will see The Galipaygos complete the recording of their 8th studio album ‘‘Cover to Cover’‘. The album is being recorded in IGLU with Andrew Taylor (of Dropkick fame) at the helm. Special thanks go to Graham Hanks and the team for their support.

    The band are working hard and looking forward to bringing their live set to a festival (or two) near you later in the year!

  • Live from Hootenannys in December 2014

  • 2015 - Year 12.....and counting.

    Well folks its time to get back on the horse for another year. There’s a lot to look forward to in 2015 – we are well on our way to completing our 8th album, there are a stack of up-coming gigs (details to follow) and it all gets going this Friday in Rothes Town Hall supporting AMWF. 2015 – The Year of The Galipaygos?

  • New Album on Spotify

    Follow the link below to hear the new album ‘‘Plain Sailing’‘ on Soundcloud and iTunes

    Its also available on Spotify.

  • Remember remember.......

    Sorry for the radio silence. Festivals are now a distant memory and its back to business for The Gals.

    Firstly we are delighted to welcome Jack William to the band on drums. He’s been with the band for 3 months and we’ve been hard at work in the practise room.

    Secondly the band are busy working on their 7th album with Andrew Taylor (Dropkick) at the helm. ‘‘Plain Sailing’‘ will be released in Spring/ Summer 2014 and the band are excited about the new material.

    Finally, November sees the band playing a string of dates supporting Danny and the Champions of the World(information to follow) and Roddy Hart and the Lonesome fire plus a Hootenannys date with MIR and Woodentooth and their regular Market Bar date. Hope to see you at one of these nights – no excuses!

  • Thank you Ullapool!

    Thanks to Rob Ellen and everyone who came to The Argyle Bar in Ullapool on the 11th. We had a great time on Loch Broom FM (listen again here) and it was good to see familiar faces and make some new friends at the gig. We’ll be back soon hopefully!

  • AmericanaUK ''Win You Over'' 8/10

    Due to a technical hitch this album has been sitting in an ‘in-tray’ somewhere in middle England for some considerable time. You just can’t get reliable reviewers these days you see. Anyhow this particular reviewer has scrounged fifty pence for the review-o-meter and something approaching normal service has been resumed.

    By normal, we mean that the requisite amount of cheap cider and sufficient baccy have been sourced to put us in a positive enough frame of mind to do justice to this record in the form of a few carefully chosen words. Actually we can’t think why we didn’t get round to it before since it’s a rather lovely offering…proper homespun Americana in that peculiar way that only we Brits can do.

    It offers a melange of styles and influences like folky phrasings, down-home-USA steely/twangy guitars, plenty of fiddling, the odd melodica fill and vocal performances that arrest you just when you thought it was safe to pigeon hole them as “…like a young George Harrison…” (check out “Middling Ground” in this respect). Its all generally upbeat, catchy as hell and pretty much guaranteed to lift whatever mood you happen to be in. It has that much sought after but often mislaid “bright’ feeling – you know how it is…its been raining but now the sun is out, you’re skint but your mate has just invited you to the pub on his dollar because he found a twenty spot in an unused jacket pocket, the local curry house has dropped you in a couple of extra naan breads because they value your custom, the kids have offered to do all the hovering, ironing and washing up all over the weekend because you are such a great parent. Actually that last one is never going to happen but then again who’d have thought we’d have found that lost Holy Grail of an English Jayhawks that we’d been looking for all these years. Top tip to self: look at the bottom of your in-tray, you numpty.

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